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At GS Power Marketing we drive thousands of leads each month toward moving companies that partner with us.

By providing world-class SEO, Google Ads management and other digital marketing services, we help our clients to become and remain #1 moving and storage companies in some of the most competitive areas, like NYC and Miami.

We are confident that we can help you too.

Make sure to contact us at your earliest convenience, because we usually partner with one moving company only per state or city and already have exclusive partnerships in NY, NJ and CT.

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Nikola Milosevic (GS Power Marketing, Inc.)

Nikola Milosevic, founder of GS Power Marketing

We make the difference

Welcome to our website and thank you for stopping by!

I am Nikola Milosevic, founder of GS Power Marketing, Inc.

My digital marketing career started back in 2008 when I launched my first website with my brother.

Since then I created, ranked and advertised hundreds of websites for our company and for our clients, but since October 2019 we are focused only on moving and storage industry, because that is where we get the best results and where we are able to make the biggest difference for our clients.

Our strategies and tactics were tested and proven in the most competitive moving and storage markets, against moving companies that received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, that were much bigger than our clients in the beginning and that are now trying to copy them or sue them or do anything else except their own job.

If you think that your moving and storage company could benefit from our services, please contact us before your competitor does and you will have an unfair, but still legal advantage in your area.

You may do that by filling the form at the top or at the bottom of this page and we will schedule a free consultation and analysis that will be useful to you no matter whether you hire us or not.

You may also read more about our services below.

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Marketing channels for moving & storage companies

We generated more than 200,000 moving and storage leads through these traffic channels so far.

If you are still a small moving company, utilizing Google Ads and SEO alone would probably be enough to fill your capacities.

However, if the demand on Google drops during a period or if you significantly increase your capacities, we will know what do to and we will start advertising your moving company on other platforms as well.

Google Ads management services - PPC agency

Get leads and increase revenue from day one. Guaranteed.

Use Google Ads and Google Local Services to advertise to the most interested prospects who search for moving & storage companies in your area. Your ad may even appear when they search for your competitors.

No minimum budget required. Launch or pause anytime depending on your needs and capacities.

SEO services - Google Search

SEO for movers

Rank at the top of Google Search and get the highest ROI.

SEO is the most efficient marketing channel, providing the highest return on investment and usually driving leads to your website for years after implementing successfully.

Rank organically at the top of Google Search and Google Maps for the most relevant keywords and get a constant flow of high quality leads.

Other marketing channels that we use to connect moving companies with their new clients:

  • Facebook Ads.

    Advertise on Facebook and Instagram to people from your area and people who visited your website recently, but didn’t inquire about their move yet.

    Exclude people who moved recently from your campaigns, so you don’t waste your budget advertising to someone who will not move again soon.

  • Partnership program development.

    Partner with people and businesses from related industries to have them recommend your moving company to their clients.

    We have the know-how and can help you to create a partnership program, grow the number of partners and keep them active in referring customers.

  • Google Display Network.

    Advertise with banner ads or video ads on YouTube and millions of other websites and mobile apps that are a part of Google Display Network.

    Through this channel you may advertise on news websites, local websites, real estate websites, blogs and other placements where your target audience spends their time.

  • Listing websites.

    Get your company page on Yelp, Trustpilot, Thumbtack, and other websites. Not only that you will receive some leads, but you will also get reviews that will help you build reputation.

    It is important because, although some people may find your moving company through Google or Instagram, many of them will then check your company’s rating on Yelp prior to booking their move.

+ more traffic channels that are not listed on this page.

Web development services for moving & storage companies

We wouldn’t be so successful at promoting moving companies if we weren’t able to implement all our strategies ourselves.

We are not a marketing agency that will give you some cool ideas and then tell you how you need to hire five other agencies to design, develop and launch that idea.

Ideas are worthless without timely execution. That is why we take full responsibility for the whole process that your potential clients need to go through.

We can design, build and host your website on our servers. Then rank it on Google and advertise it, collect leads for you and forward them automatically to your email address or to your CRM software.

Of course, you don’t have to use all our services. You may start with just one service, like Google Ads management, for the beginning. But it is good to know that once you feel the need to, you can easily scale your moving company with our help.

Web development services for moving companies

Web development

We build websites since 2008 and we focus on moving company websites since 2019.

After testing many different technologies and layouts, we know what combination performs the best for moving and storage companies.

Websites that we create for movers look professional, are easy to navigate and are useful to your potential and existing clients.

Consequently, these websites get rewarded by Google which highly ranks them for all relevant keywords.

Landing page development service for moving companies

Landing pages

Besides creating the whole websites for moving companies, we also create landing pages that are dedicated to some specific queries or specific locations like “affordable movers”, “movers that pack for you”, “fitness equipment movers” or “upper west side movers”.

Since these pages are very specific and highly relevant, these also perform excellently both in organic search results and on Google Ads.

Web hosting solutions for moving companies

Web hosting

Many companies invest a lot of money and resources into their website, content, SEO and Google Ads and then host their website on a slow hosting, where their website shares very limited server resources with tons of other websites. That way they waste a lot of opportunities and waste thousands of advertising dollars, while saving about $100 per year on hosting.

To make sure that your website users will be happy and that you will get the most from your investment in digital marketing, we have our own powerful servers where we host only a limited number of our clients’ websites and we also offer dedicated servers for those companies that have a lot of traffic and want to have 100% guaranteed server resources.

Having a website that loads fast provides great experience for your website users, improves the conversion rate which makes your advertising more efficient and helps your pages to rank better on Google.

Let’s make your moving company #1 in your area

Fill out the form below to schedule an obligation-free consultation about your moving company’s marketing.

Enter the URL of your moving company's website, if you have one.